Teacher Funding Requests

Types of Requests:

Teacher Reimbursement Request (up to $200): 

  1. Teacher Gift Reimbursement 2022-2023.doc must be approved by Beth Yando before submitting to the PTA.
  2. Submit the completed form below with any supporting documentation, receipts, or letters to nesptagrants@gmail.com.
  3. Return the completed form with receipts to nesptagrants@gmail.com by December 31st, 2022.

Curriculum Support Request:

  1. Requests for Curriculum Support are voted on by the PTA.  They are presented at the next regularly scheduled PTA or PTA Board meeting. Attending the meeting to explain the project and answer questions will help with the process greatly.  This must be done prior to making any purchases.
  2. Requests for PTA Curriculum Support Funding need to be approved by Beth Yando before submitting to the PTA. See below*.
  3. Curriculum Support Funding is limited and will be approved on a first come first serve basis. The PTA has allocated $600 total for Curriculum Support. Please be considerate of others when submitting your requests. Requests should be made for items that will support your classroom curriculum. Examples of this are books and materials that are not provided by the school district.
  4. Return the completed form below with any supporting documentation or  letters to nesptagrants@gmail.com.

Grade Level In- House Enrichment/ Field Trip Request:

  1. Our Enrichment/ Field Trip Coordinator Anna- Mary Geist will be working with Principal Yando & Grade Level Teachers to coordinate Enrichment Program & Field Trip Requests. She will Accept/Review requests with the rest of the PTA Board to obtain final approval.
  2. We ask that you submit ideas/ specific request to better help us serve the NES community. ALL requests should go through Anna-Mary as she works with the entire PTA board to ensure funding requests remain within the budget.
  3. Please do not arrange your own grade level enrichment program without first contacting Anna-Mary. Otherwise funds might not be available to support your request.
  4.  Questions can be directed at Anna-Mary Geist: enrichment4nes@gmail.com