Please support the NES PTA through our biggest fundraiser of the year, Yankee Candles!!

shop_banner_samplersVotivesThe NES PTA hopes to raise $40,000 this year so we can continue to provide awesome programs like the visiting enrichment’s, increase budgets for field trips, buy a chrome cart and 30 new chrome books, and supplementing classroom programming!

Please reach out to your local friends and family for the October 13 deadline to place your order for some fabulous Yankee Candle products. Online sales will continue through January 11 but now is the time to place your order for holiday delivery! There is so much more to offer besides candles so please check it out!

The PTA gets 40% of total sales, and your children can win fun prizes based on the numbers of orders that are placed!

Don’t forget to share the online catalog with friends and family! 

(NES PTA Group # 999972884)

The fall Box Top Drive is in full swing!BTFE_Logo_Website

Get collecting! Get your neighbors, family, and friends collecting too! Check out for more information on the program and to monitor NES’ progress. If you have any questions, reach out to!!

The class that brings in the most Box Tops by October 20th will get to choose a Green Ticket menu item for their class!  What an exciting challenge for the classes to participate in!