Classroom Coordinator

The NES PTA is looking for volunteers to step into the role of Classroom Coordinator, focused at helping to foster improved communication between the PTA, teachers, administrators and families. Our hope is to make NES a nurturing environment for all students and an inviting and engaging community for families. 

Who can be a Classroom Coordinator?

Any parent, caregiver, or guardian can be a Classroom Coordinator. The work of a Classroom Coordinator should be enjoyable, not overwhelming! You will have the full support of  the PTA, school administration, and other parents and caregivers so you will not be on your own. A successful Classroom Coordinator is one who is willing to ask other families to help out.

What is the role of the Classroom Coordinator?

The Classroom Coordinator may…

  • Assist teachers with projects to enhance the school experience for all students.
  • Improve lines of communication between families and NES by helping to create class contact lists, organizing informal play dates or other fun events that help build school community.
  • Be an advocate for PTA by disseminating information about and recruiting volunteers for various PTA events. Attendance at PTA meetings is encouraged but not required.   
  • Help celebrate our teachers and staff by engaging in National Teacher Appreciation Week, organizing group gifts, and participating in other efforts that honor faculty.

Please reach out to if you are interested in learning more!