10.19.19 Harlem Wizards vs. Triton All-Stars

Harlem Wizards vs. Triton All-Stars
October 19, 2019
Triton Regional High School


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2018_019For this event, we have invited the Harlem Wizard to put on an awe-inspiring and entertaining basketball game against our home team the “Triton All-Stars.” Our team will include our Superintendent, Brian Forget, and many other faculty and staff from the Triton Regional School District. This year, the Newbury Elementary School PTA is hosting this event to raise money to fund a new athletic program for children with disabilities in the Triton District and surrounding community. This will give amazing participation opportunities to kids who are not able to participate in “typical” sports programming for various reasons. With any additional funds raised, we will develop a grant program to help support the Special Education Department at Newbury Elementary School.