Calling all NES Families!  We need your help! 

Put your creative caps on and donate to the NES Auction. In addition to local businesses, we are receiving donations of all shapes and sizes from many NES families. We would love it if you and yours would participate as well. Consider the following types of fun items you could create with your family:

-Summer time fun bag: Fill a big beach bag it with fun beach items for adults and kids. Great beach towels, Sunscreen, pails, etc.

-Ice Cream Lovers Smorgasbord: Ask a few local ice cream parlors to donate a few free cones or put together a collection of ice cream toppings

-Picnic Basket with everything you’d need for a fun family outing

-Library collection of your family’s favorite books

-Arts and Crafts: Gather a selection of supplies to make fun projects for young or old artists

-Trying to declutter? Donate new, unused items that might be of interest to others

Think of something fun and donate! The more items we have, the more fun for all and the more money we raise for NES.  Many local businesses that you use all the time are eager to get the word out to other families so don’t be shy about asking for a donation from a business that likes our demographics. Its a win/win! If you can help, email for guidance.