NES GROWS Creating a dynamic playground for our students and the community

Would you or your child like to help design parts of the new schoolyard?  We are currently looking for someone to lead the Children’s Representative Group.  Fully supported by NES GROWS and Play By Design, the focus of this group will be guided by  the interests of the student members.  Activities range from designing whimsical features, to designing play features, or learning more about the materials used to the build the play structures and investigate where we can get the materials.

Would you like to take a tour of the new playground design?  Visit

Support the playground rebuild by attending the Fairy and Gnome Discovery Walk at Petengill Farm on Saturday, May 16th.  We invite you to submit your own Fairy and Gnome house for the event.  All houses welcome, and there is no submission fee.  All proceeds we receive from the event will go directly to the playground rebuild.  This inaugural event is a first-time collaboration between the Salisbury and Newbury Elementary School PTAs to foster community between our two towns.   For more information, please visit

The next Fundraising and Marketing Committee meeting is Friday, March 13, 2-3pm @ the NES conference room.  Join us!