Health and Wellness Book Donation 

Thank you very much to the Massachusetts PTA and WGBH, who just sent us 38 new books for our health office library! There are books of interest to all grade levels on a variety of topics.

Here’s some information about the grant that funded the book distribution:

WGBH is pleased to announce that the Krueger Charitable Foundation has renewed its support of WGBH’s Massachusetts reading initiative with a grant to fund the Healthy Family, Healthy Reading Initiative. Through this grant, WGBH purchased and distributed approximately 14,000 books to children and families throughout the Commonwealth. Director of Media Engagement Mary Haggerty says, “In addition to promoting a love of reading, our work this summer will extend the impact of the new Arthur Family Health website by introducing kids to important issues in health and well-being through health-themed books and enrichment materials. We are thrilled to partner with the Massachusetts PTA, which will receive some 4,000 new children’s books as part of this initiative.”