What a year!

I am quite proud of all that the PTA has accomplished this school year. We had a great partnership with the administration, teachers, and staff. You have worked alongside us to support our efforts to support NES. I also owe great thanks to our board members: Heather DePaolo, Renée Toth, Emily Abt, Elise Carner, Joyce Bokuniewicz, Alexa Strauch, and Hilary Lind. Supported by outstanding volunteers, together we have done some great things while supporting NES.

I greatly appreciate Hilary Lind for serving as our treasurer for the last three years. She has handled all the finances, which is a big job. Hilary will stay involved in the PTA as the chair of the winter party plus some other projects. We are excited to have Alexa Strauch take over as treasurer and to have Abigail Boughton join us as secretary.

I look forward to the next school year.

Thank you,

Elaina Sayles

NES PTA President