Why are we funding Chromebook computers?

Why are we funding Chromebook computers?

The PTA Walk-a-thon on June 6 will raise money for Chromebook laptop computers and a portable charging cart. With tight school funding and aging computers in the classrooms and technology lab, the NES Technology Committee identified Chromebooks as the most efficient way to provide our students with the technology tools they need. Wi-fi is coming to all district schools but no money has been allocated in the district budget for the computers in the coming school year. Therefore, the PTA has pledged to support this important initiative.

Google Chromebook Benefit

The NES Technology Committee has selected Google Chromebooks as the best value for NES’s needs. Instead of having the traditional hard drive, Google Chromebooks are laptops that primarily store programs and applications in a technology cloud, accessible from anywhere there is Internet. Their relatively low price (around $300) plus minimal technical support needs have made them the choice for many schools, including NES. The PTA’s vision is to initially provide one portable charging cart with 30 Chromebooks at a cost of about $10,500.

You can learn more about Chromebooks at Chromebook information.

Value: On-the-spot learning 

The portable Chromebook cart will be available for students across grade levels. The computers can go into the classroom for whole group, small group, or individual lessons. Individual log-ins, data collection, and virtual desktops will customize learning experiences to meet each student’s needs. Cloud technology ensures students can access their documents from anywhere within the school as well as at home, a library, or anywhere with internet access.

In addition, projects and assignments will be designed to promote higher-level thinking and problem-solving strategies using computer skills. NES students will use technology to collaborate and create projects to demonstrate their knowledge and develop their communication skills.

Prepare our students for the future

NES and the PTA are committed to readying our students to thrive in the global economy, and technology is an essential tool. With Chromebooks, students and teachers will enhance the curriculum, research, create, and connect. We hope you will donate to this project. Support a student through the Walk-a-thon or donate online to the Annual Fund via http://www.newburypta.com.