Start Saving Your Coins!

The Penny Challenge is Friday, May 9, and Friday, May 16

How it works: Grades 1 – 6 compete against each other to collect the most pennies over a three-week period. Collection containers will be outside the cafeteria starting Wed. April 25th.

Scoring: One penny = one point. BUT nickels, dimes, quarters and dollars will subtract points ( -5 for a nickel, -100 for a dollar, etc.)

How to win:  Students can place money in any container – pennies in your own grade’s containers and larger coins & dollars in others. After the first week, the totals will be shared. See who has the most points and put your silver and dollars in their containers while adding pennies to your own! 

The grade level with the most points at the end of the three weeks wins!

Pre-K & Kindergarten get to join in the fun too with their own version of the game: “How High Can We Fill It?” with special rainbow collection buckets in each of their rooms. 

All donations to The Penny Challenge support the PTA’s programs and activities.