Book Fair Wrap Up

Thank you to everyone who attended the Spring Scholastic Book Fair. A special thank you to Mrs. Brown and to the school faculty who helped support and promote it.

We also appreciate the parent volunteers who helped make this book fair a success: Emily Abt, Beth Abbott-Bishop, Joyce Bokuniewicz, Tammy Cotter, Heather DePaolo, Erika Joyner, Carrie Kennedy, Sheila Little, Hilary Lind, Katharine Mace, Amy Sasso, Madelaine Thompson-Judkins, Renée Toth, David Toth, Dan Valianti, and Krista Yablin.

All purchases benefit the NES Library.  Did you know that the Book Fair profits are the only means of support for our library?  Please continue to shop at our Book Fairs in order to keep the shelves filled with wonderful books and tools to help educate our children.

Thank you again for your support!

Alexa Strauch, Elaina Sayles, and Pam Murray

Book Fair Chairs