Yearbook Truly Needs Photos!

As of now, there are lots of “photo goes here” placeholders! Please, please upload some pictures of your students, their classes, and activities at school. The goal is for all students to appear in the yearbook in a place other than their formal portrait. However, as of now, the yearbook is lacking candids from almost all classes. The deadline for photos has been extended to this Sunday, April 19. Final layouts are being designed now, and we don’t want blank pages!

Uploading pictures is fast and easy. Really.

Go to: (Or go to and do a search for Newbury and follow the links.)

Click on “Upload Photos”.

The next screen asks for an upload code; it is NES2014.

Then choose a category for your photos and follow the directions for uploading. It only takes a few seconds to upload the pictures.

If you have any problems, email Maddy at