What a turnout at Oregano’s

Our school community turned out in big ways Wednesday night for our PTA Fundraiser at Oregano’s Ristorante in Newburyport. Thank you to everyone that came and packed the restaurant and


loaded the kitchen with takeout orders. The owner, Claude Elias, remarked how impressed he was with the kindness and camaraderie among our families as they happily shared tables and crowded in to allow more diners. He does not see that often!



Huge thanks go out to our teachers and staff for moonlighting and working the fundraiser. Principal Yando stepped in as t

he hostess, and was supported by a tremendous waitstaff:


Mrs. Harper, Mrs. Peicott, Jennifer Brown, Mrs. Lagana, Mrs.Raycroft, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Stokes, Mrs.Lapham, Mrs. Lucy, Mrs. Langendorfer, and Mrs. Merluzzi. And, we owe great gratitude to Mrs. Williamson for coordinating the evening.