Join us for the Assembly on Wednesday, January 15th

Celebrate diversity and multiculturalism through music and dance as the students of NES go on a virtual journey to Africa for our Wednesday, Jan. 15, assembly. The PTA is proud to sponsor Tony Vacca’s World Rhythms with special guest Abdou Sarr, dancer from Senegal, West Africa.

Tony is an internationally renowned percussionist and composer, and has been performing for arts in education programs in schools all over the Northeast for 25 years. His 14 trips to West Africa have contributed to his unique approach to playing the balafon, and to his depth of knowledge regarding African and American musical traditions.  He likes to use his music, spoken word, and rhythm to address topics like cultural diversity and global and social awareness. He enjoys working with students of all ages.

Abdou Sarr is a dancer from Senegal, West Africa. He is a master teacher of the sabaar and djembe dances from Senegal. He will speak to the culture and life in Senegal and his journey to the U.S. with the students. Students will become proficient in the dances and will be able to perform them for their peers.

The upper grades will spend time in workshops with these artists during the day learning either a song with percussion instruments or a traditional Senegalese dance.  At the end of the day, students will be able to perform for their peers during one of the assemblies.

Parents and guardians are invited to attend and experience firsthand how financial support of the PTA is enriching the educational experience of the children at NES.

Please join us for one of the upcoming assemblies:

Wednesday, January 15

K-3:  12:45-1:45

4-6:  1:45-2:45