A message from the PTA President:

pta blueThe PTA is off to a great start in 2013. In our first two months of school, we have had many successes, thanks to the generous work and spirit of our community. I am proud to be leading the efforts.

Some of our recent successes:

  • Each student and staff member received a t-shirt debuting a new NES logo.
  • Zoe Fogarty helped organize the all-school anti-bullying assembly where the shirts were worn.
  • We have a new website managed by Myfanwy Collins, and we held our first of three general PTA meetings.
  • The outdoor grounds committee, under the guidance of Sally Milliken, Emily Sullivan, Eileen Wallwork and Michelle Walsh have harvested and served vegetables from our new school gardens, and planted over 500 daffodil bulbs donated by retired teacher James Branuch.
  •  Individuals have stepped up to organize almost every effort we have planned this school year.  (Who wants to organize the Penny Challenge in the spring?)
  • The new Mixed Bags fundraiser has been well received, thanks to Ellen Hazo and Emily Abt. Thanks to everyone who purchased merchandise!
  • The Sports Package Drawings are bringing in needed funds, thanks to the generosity of Aidan Kennedy and an anonymous donor.
  •  The PTA pizza booth at Triton is Haunted Booth was staffed by eager volunteers and supported by George at Rowley House of Pizza and the Clam Box in Ipswich.
  • Our first-ever restaurant fundraiser night is being planned for Nov. 12 at Flatbread in Hampton. Teacher Kelly Williamson has organized this and the joint effort between parents and staff has been great!
  • NES’s new Annual Fund is up and running and already at 15% of goal in its first three weeks. Belen Wieler is organizing a great campaign to answer those of you who have asked if there’s a way to donate once and not feel guilty rather than support each fundraiser the PTA does.
  • Our Box Tops have been counted and sorted and we anticipate earning almost $1700. (Keep saving your Box Tops and Labels for Education! There will be another collection drive later in the year.)
  • We helped fund the sixth grader’s environmental camp, scheduled for next week.
  • We’re getting great response to our scheduled workshop, “Executive Function Strategies for Elementary Students,” for parents and staff on 11/19.
  • Our bookfair, which benefits our library, will be held November 12-15. Tammy Cotter, Patty Olson, and Alexa Strauch have been working hard with me to make this a successful event.

However, the effort that was most joyful for me was the Annual PTA Halloween Party. It was one of the most well attended parties to date. It was fun, safe and age appropriate. The new addition of the “Chill Room” in the Kids Club Room was a great success, providing a quiet refuge for students and parents. The evening highlighted the team work of many of our volunteers, and we are most appreciative to Heather DePaolo as the event organizer, Hilary Lind as the treasurer, Sandy Hermann as decorator, and Anne Langlais as Bake Sale Coordinator. I greatly appreciate the many teachers and parents who volunteered for setup, event staffing, bake sale items, and cleanup.

I would also like to highlight the great partnership we have formed with our new administration. Ms. Yando and Mrs. Pasquarello have been very supportive of the PTA and have provided us with some great ideas and assistance. We will be working together over the next year planning how best to spend our PTA money that will benefit our children both now and in the future.

In closing, I would like to thank the PTA Board Members and all of its wonderful volunteers and supporters for their never yielding time, effort, contributions, and enthusiasm. Newbury Elementary thrives because of our whole community.

Thank you all!

Elaina Sayles, NES PTA President