Mark Nov. 19 on your calendar

Would you like your students to manage their own homework? Are you tired of having to remind your child five times every week to bring their library books to school–and they still forget? Learn strategies for these scenarios and more at a free talk on student executive function skills by national expert Sarah Ward on Tuesday, November 19, at 7 pm. Sarah presented professional development to the NES staff last year. She received rave reviews, so the PTA is bringing her back to talk to parents and teachers.

Sarah delivers strategies to help students learn to:

  • plan homework, written papers, and projects
  • prioritize and initiate tasks
  • monitor how plans are working, problem-solve, and make changes
  • plan and manage time
  • use strategies to manage motivation, attention, and energy levels
  • use organization systems to track papers and belongings, and more.

Regardless of the age of your students, you will find this workshop helpful, so mark your calendar now!